Nursing, B.S. - Accelerated Career Entry (ACE)

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The graduation requirements are listed below. In addition, students select free electives to reach 120 credits overall required for the degree.  The department website provides an overview of the program, admission requirements for the major (when applicable), faculty biographies, learning outcomes, and careers:


(*) When up to three courses in the major/cognate may also satisfy LEP requirements, they are recommended below; only two courses within Explorations (T2) may be fulfilled by courses in the same subject.  

‘C+’ or better required in all Nursing Program Requirements.

NUR 340 – Transition to Professional Practice
NUR 341 – Health Assessment
NUR 342 – Evidenced Based Nursing Interventions
NUR 343 – Integrated Pathophysiology and Pharmacology I
NUR 344 – Care of the Older Adult
NUR 351 – Evidence-Based Practice for Nurses
NUR 352 – Adult Health I
NUR 353 – Integrated Pathophysiology and Pharmacology II
NUR 354 – Mental Health Nursing
NUR 355 – Evidence-Based Nursing Interventions Lab
NUR 430 – The Childbearing Family
NUR 431 – The Childrearing Family (Pediatrics)
NUR 432 – Adult Health II
NUR 442 – Public Health Nursing: Caring for Populations and Communities
NUR 443 –  Nursing Capstone
NUR 444 – Leadership and Management in Contemporary Nursing Practice
Two 1 credit Nursing electives

Non-Course Requirements
All students accepted into the nursing program are required to take the Medication Test during the summer before entering the program. Students must pass the Medication Test with a grade of 100. Students are given three opportunities to achieve the passing standard. The Medication Test is offered prior to start of fall classes. All students are required to take this test at the initial offering. Students who fail to achieve 100 percent by the third Medication Test will not be able to enroll in clinical courses or laboratory courses in the fall or spring semester and must begin as a part-time nursing student. The exam may be repeated the following summer. Failure to meet the passing standard after three additional attempts will result in dismissal from the program. Information regarding this mandatory test is sent with the acceptance packet to students admitted to the program.

All students are required to take a comprehensive nursing exam and achieve the benchmark score of 900 set by the Department of Nursing. If students have not met the benchmark during the testing period, students are required to submit evidence of registration in a formal NCLEX-RN review course.


PCH 200 – Introduction to Nutrition