Minor in Political Economy

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Younjun Kim 
Kevin Buterbaugh

18 Credits Required

Select 9 credits from:
ECO 200 Macro-Economic Analysis
ECO 201 Micro-Economic Analysis
ECO 303 Development Economics
ECO 304 Labor Economics
ECO 305 Economic Data Analysis
ECO 307 Urban Economics
ECO 311 Public Finance
ECO 316 Game Theory
ECO 320 Health Economics
ECO 330 Economics of Entrepreneurship
ECO 350 International Trade
ECO 351 International Finance
ECO 360 Economics of Poverty and Inequality in America

Select 9 credits from: 
PSC 305 Political Economy of Development
PSC 310 Comparative Public Policy
PSC 314 Urban Politics
PSC 328 State and Local Government
PSC 331 International Organization
PSC 335 Global Politics
PSC 351 Public Policy
PSC 367 Quantitative Analysis in Political Science