Minor in Latin American and Caribbean Studies

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Carmen Coury

18 Credits Required

LAC 100 Introduction to Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Select the remaining 15 credits from the following list:
ANT 225 Peoples and Cultures of Central and South America
ANT 331Peoples and Cultures of the Caribbean
GEO 325 Latin America
HIS 127 Colonial Latin America
HIS 128 Modern Latin America
HIS 290 Latin American History through Cinema
HIS 291 Modern Latin America
HIS 392 – The Hispanic Caribbean: Colony, Nation, arid Diaspora
HIS 393 – Modern Central America: Imperialism, Nationalism, and Struggle
HIS 404 – Oral History
LAC 404 – Seminar in Oral History: Latin America
LIT 371 – Voices of the Francophone Caribbean
LIT 382 – Contemporary Latin American Literature
PCH 490 – Health Studies Abroad: Guatemala
PSC 305 – Political Economy of Development
PSC 308 – Governments of Latin America
PSC 317 – U.S.–Latin America Relations
PSC 333 – Latin American Security Issues
PSC 497 – Political Science Internship
SED 488 – Global Studies in Special Education: Guatemala
SPA 210 – Latin America: Level IV
SPA 312 – Latin American Civilization
SPA 320 – Culture and Civilization of Puerto Rico
SPA 330 – Indigenous Cultures of Latin America
SPA 402 – Spanish–American Literature I
SPA 403 – Spanish–American Literature II
SPA 459 – Latin American Theater and Performance
SPA 463 – Latina/o/x Identity through Film and Literature
SPA 464 – Caribbean Literary Voices
SPA 496 – 20th Century Spanish–American Fiction

No more than six credits may be taken in any one department.
Up to three credits each of another relevant course, internship, independent study or field work may be counted with permission of the coordinator.