Honors Minor in Transdisciplinary Concepts and Perspectives

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Terese Gemme

18 Credits Required

HON 300 Introduction to Service Learning

Select 6 credits from the following capstone requirements:

    • HON 494 and HON 495 Departmental Honors Prospectus/Thesis
    • HON 492 and HON 493 Honors Interdisciplinary Prospectus/Thesis
    • HON 460 and HON 461 Community Engaged Research I and II
    • HON 450 and HON 488 International Study Foundations and Place as Text
    • International Study Capstone: HON 450 (International Study Foundations) and HON 499 (Independent Study Capstone Project) taken in conjunction with an approved international study experience.

Select 9 elective credits from the following:
HON 210–The Idea of Self: The Ancient World
HON 254 Utopias and Dystopias
HON 255 Ambiguity and Uncertainty in the Arts & Sciences
HON 290–The Language of Art
HON 298  Special Topics
HON 350 Research Seminar
HON 398– Special Topics in Honors
Other interdisciplinary electives approved by the Honors College Director/Assistant Director