Minor in Graphic Design

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Graphic Design is the professional practice of bringing visual form (logos, posters, websites, mobile applications and other screen-based media, wayfinding systems, and other promotional materials, etc.) to complex ideas and messaging. The Graphic Design minor provides students with a practical, hands-on exploration of the field of Graphic Design. Students will learn design processes and practices including the principles of design, design thinking, typography, and color theory, while exploring technology. The Graphic Design minor provides students with supplemental conceptual and technical skills that will support their primary academic and professional endeavors.

18 Credits Required

 Required Courses (9 Credits):

ART 112 - Color and 2-D Design
ART 215 - Principles of Graphic Design
ART 216 - Typography

Select Any Two Graphic Design Courses at the 300-level, or above (6 Credits):

ART 310 - Information and Illustration
ART 315 - Advanced Problems in Design
ART 316 - Digital Media Production
ART 398 - Special Topics in Art
ART 415 - Professional Practice in Graphic Design
ART 497 - Design Practicum
ART 499 - Independent Study

Select Any Additional Course Offered by the Art Department (3 Credits).