RSP 445 - Respiratory Care Seminar

Designed to allow the student to explore clinical process in an advanced practice area (neonatal critical care, pediatric critical care, adult critical care, pulmonary rehabilitation, pulmonary function laboratory, polysomnography, hyperbaric therapy, respiratory care management or respiratory care education) through the development of clinically-related projects in the areas of quality improvement, healthcare organizational structures and current processes in patient management with the goal of acquiring the skills necessary to conduct and present original research. Students should select a specialty topic that reflects their area of interest. Peer-to-peer teaching is an integral part of this course.

Prerequisite(s): Respiratory Care major, 6 of 8 Tier 2 complete (Honors Coll.: 15 cr. HON or 45 cr. total), and prior or concurrent completion of all Tier 1 (Honors Coll. : T1MC and T1QR only).

3 credit(s).

Last Term Offered: Spring 2022