Health Science, B.H.Sc.

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The program course outline and graduation requirements for this catalog year are listed below.  The department website provides an overview of the program, admission requirements (when applicable), faculty biographies, learning outcomes, and careers: 

120 Credits Required


Liberal Education Program

Students must complete a comprehensive three-tiered Liberal Education Program (LEP). View all requirements of the tiers on the Liberal Education Program.  

While the choice of courses that fulfill the requirements is generally left up to students, courses in the major and/or cognate may also satisfy LEP requirements.  These shared courses are recommended below to fulfill both areas, although the course credits are only counted once towards the 120 credits required for graduation.

Tier 1 - Quantitative Reasoning:
MAT 107 - Elementary Statistics

Tier 2 - Mind and Body:
PSY 100 - Introduction to Psychology

Tier 2 - Natural World I Physical Realm:
CHE 120 - General Chemistry

Tier 2 - Natural World II Life and Environment:
BIO 200 - Human Biology I

Writing Requirements (“W-Courses”)

Three W-courses are required. These may not be taken until after a student has passed ENG 112 — Writing Arguments. W-courses may count toward LEP, major, or cognate requirements, as well as free electives. Course sections that meet this requirement are designated by section numbers ending in “W”.

Transfer students who enter with 60 to 89 credits are required to pass two W-courses, while transfer students who enter with 90 credits or more must pass one W-course.


47 Credits Required

BIO 104 - General Biology
BIO 200 - Human Anatomy and Physiology I
BIO 201 - Human Anatomy & Physiology II
CHE 120 - General Chemistry I
CHE 121 - General Chemistry II
HLS 200 or HSC 200 - Healthcare Professions and Medical Terminology
HLS 415 or RSP 415 - Healthcare Systems, Policy, and Billing
HMS 384 - Exercise Physiology I
HSC 411 or HMS 411 - General Medical Perspectives
HSC 421 - Interprofessional Perspectives
PSY 100 - Introduction to Psychology
PSY 219 - Lifespan Development
REC 307 - Disabilities in Society
RSP 440 - Evidence Based Practice & Research


3 Credits Required

MAT 107 - Elementary Statistics


Remaining credits to reach Overall Credits Required (listed above).