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The program course outline and graduation requirements for this catalog year are listed below.  The department website provides an overview of the program, including admission requirements, faculty biographies, learning outcomes, and careers: 


Required Core Courses (18 Credits)
ILS 502 – Fundamentals of Library and Information Science
ILS 505 – Information Resources Organization and Management 
ILS 507 – Information Science and technology
ILS 508 – User Services 
ILS 509 – Management of Library and Information Agencies 
ILS 582 – Library Science Internship 

Academic Libraries Concentration (15 Credits)
ILS 525 – Collection Developent and Management
ILS 536 – Academic Libraries
ILS 575 – Instructional Design Principles
ILS 590 – Research in Library and Information Science
One ILS graduate-level elective, except ILS 581 and ILS 587

Capstone Experience (3 Credits)
Select one track:

Special Project Track:
ILS 660 – Special Project in Library and Information Science 

Thesis Track:
ILS 699 – Thesis

Comprehensive Exam Track:
Additional ILS graduate-level elective, except ILS 581 and ILS 587
Comprehensive Exam