Earth Science 7-12, B.S.

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This program has a separate admission process. Please consult the admission requirements for this program on the College of Education page for more information.

Overall GPA of 2.7 Required
120 Overall Credits Required


Liberal Education Program

50 Credits Required

Students must complete a comprehensive three-tiered Liberal Education Program (LEP). View all requirements of the tiers on the Liberal Education Program

While the choice of courses that fulfill the requirements is generally left up to students, some departments require that students select specific courses to complement their major. This major has specific Tier requirements/restrictions for the following:

Tier 1 - Quantitative Reasoning (select one):
MAT 122 – Precalculus
MAT 150 – Calculus I

Tier 2 – American Experience (select one):
HIS 110 – United States History I
HIS 111 – United States History II

Tier 2 – Mind and Body:
SHE 203 – School Health

Tier 2 – Natural World I: Physical Realm:
CHE 120 – General Chemistry I

Tier 2 – Natural World II: Life and Environment:
ESC 201 — Historical Geology ('C-' or better)

Tier 2 - Social Structure, Conflict, and Consensus
EDU 200 - Teachers, Schools, and Society 

Tier 2 – Time and Place:
ESC 210 — Principles of Astronomy ('C-' or better)

Tier 3 – Capstone:  
ESC 332 – Invertebrate Paleontology ('C-' or better)

Writing Requirements (“W-Courses”)

Three W-courses are required. These may not be taken until after a student has passed ENG 112 — Writing Arguments. W-courses may count toward LEP, major, or cognate requirements, as well as free electives. Course sections that meet this requirement are designated by section numbers ending in “W”.

Transfer students who enter with 60 to 89 credits are required to pass two W-courses, while transfer students who enter with 90 credits or more must pass one W-course.



62 Credits Required

Earth Science Requirements
35 Credits Required
‘C-’ or better required

ESC 200 — Physical Geology
ESC 205 — Principles of Meteorology
ESC 220 — Physical and Chemical Oceanography
ESC 311 — Mineralogy
ESC 350 -  Structural Geology and Tectonics
ESC 430 — Field Methods

Select one from:

Select one from:

Select two from:

Education Requirements
27 Credits Required

EDU 316 - Child Development and Psychology for Educators
EDU 413 – Secondary Education
EDU 471 - Supporting English Learners for School Success (formerly IDS 471)
RDG 470 - Literacy in the Content Areas (formerly IDS 470)
SCE 490 – Science (Secondary School)
SCE 494 – Student Teaching (Science)
SCE 496 – Student Teaching Seminar (Science)
SED 482 – Teaching Exceptional Students in the Secondary Education Classroom

Non-Course Requirements:
Module 1: Behavioral Difficulties (Social and Emotional Development)
Module 2: Dyslexia Required


8 Credits Required
PHY 200 – General Physics I

Select one from:

Non-Course Requirement:
Pass Praxis® II with a score of 157 or higher


Students must take remaining credits to reach Overall Credits Required (listed above).