French 7-12, B.S.

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The graduation requirements are listed below. In addition, students select free electives to reach 120 credits overall required for the degree, and this program requires a 2.7 cumulative GPA for graduation.  The department website provides an overview of the program, admission requirements for the major (when applicable), faculty biographies, learning outcomes, and careers:

This is an educator preparation program in the State of Connecticut with additional admission requirements (see Admissions>>Teacher/Educator Preparation Programs). Candidates recommended for certification must also meet any additional Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) requirements (see Degree Requirements>>Teacher/Educator Preparation Programs) in effect on the date CSDE receives the certification application.


All bachelor’s degree programs include liberal education (LEP) and writing (W) course requirements. To review more detailed information, please visit General Education (LEP) Degree Requirements.   


Up to three courses in the major/cognate may also satisfy LEP requirements and will be indicated below; no more than two courses in the same subject may be used towards LEP Explorations.

French Requirements (30 Credits)

Select 30 credits in FRE, which may include (T1MC for FRE 101), (T2CE for FRE 200, 201, or 202), and (T2GA for FRE 210 or 415)

Education Requirements (35 Credits)
EDU 316 – Child Development and Psychology for Educators
EDU 413 – Secondary Education
EDU 471 – Supporting English Learners for School Success 
RDG 470 – Literacy in the Content Areas 
SED 225 – Introdcution to Exceptionalities
WLL 211 – Introduction to Linguistics
WLL 403 – Introduction to Second Language Acquisition 

A minimum passing score of 'Advanced Low' is required on the ACTFL OPI and WPT prior to student teaching. 

WLL 452 – Secondary School Student Teaching
WLL 453 – Student Teaching Seminar
WLL 491 – Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages at Secondary School


EDU 200 – Teachers, Schools and Societies ('C' or better) (T2CC)
HIS 110– United States History to 1877  (T2AE) OR
HIS 111 – United States History from 1877 to present
SHE 203 – School Health ('C' or better) (T2MB)

Select 3 credits of World Literature from:
LIT 326 — Dante and His Times
LIT 328 — Literature of Medieval Europe
LIT 330 — Renaissance in Europe 1350-1650
LIT 338 — Russian Novel of the 19th Century
LIT 342 — Dostoyevsky
LIT 346 — Russian Short Story
LIT 348 — Modern Literature and Other Arts
LIT 354 — European Novel and Short Story 1945 to Present
LIT 370 — Contemporary French Novel
LIT 374 — Modern German Literature
LIT 382 — Contemporary Latin American Literature
LIT 406 — Classical Drama
LIT 488 — Seminar in World Literature


Students with an overall 3.0 GPA may be approved to complete an accelerated pathway. Graduate courses may be completed during their senior year when a student has earned at least 90 credits. Courses successfully completed with a grade of 'C' or higher will earn dual credit to be applied to both the undergraduate and graduate transcript. Approval to start graduate coursework does not guarantee admission to the graduate program.

Accelerated Pathway to Graduate Program
In consultation with their advisor, students may select up to 12 credits of graduate level coursework (500-level or higher) appropriate to their intended graduate program of study.