School Health Education, M.S.

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For further information:

Application Deadline

November 1 and April 1 or until cohort is full.

School Health Education Specialization

The Master of Science in School Health Education prepares school health educators for leadership roles in the field of school health education. The Program imparts competencies as developed by American Association for Health Education and the National Council on Health Education Credentialing. These competencies prepare leaders with the skills and knowledge to coordinate, teach, and advocate for school health education programs for grades pre-K through twelve. Additionally, this program meets the requirements for certified teachers seeking a cross-endorsement in health education. Students are engaged in a contemporary program addressing curriculum development; selection and design of assessment strategies; skills-based teaching strategies; program planning, promotion, and evaluation; advocacy; and health communications.

This graduate program is designed to support the individual learners through real-life experiences and whenever possible, application within their current school communities.

Admission Requirements

Apply using the School of Graduate and Professional Studies' online application process: 

       Overview of the Graduate Application Process
       The Graduate School Application 

Important:  Students may upload most documents to the Admissions website.  Official transcripts and recommendations must be mailed directly to:

Southern Connecticut State University
School of Graduate and Professional Studies 
501 Crescent Street, WT 105
New Haven, CT 06515

If you have attended SCSU, you only need to indicate this on your application; you do not need to send your official transcript. 

The requirements for matriculation and admission to the School Health Education Program for the Master of Science degree are listed below:

1. Complete SCSU School of Graduate and Professional Studies application with $50 application fee.

2. Submit official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended by the applicant. Official transcripts should be mailed directly from the registrar of the institution to the location indicated by the School of Graduate and Professional Studies’ admissions process.  International transcripts require an external transcript evaluation.

3. Have an undergraduate Q.P.R. of 3.0 or higher

4. Submit a current resume

5. Submit a 500 word "statement of interest" describing professional aspirations, current and desired knowledge and skill sets, and how the MS Program in School Health Education will contribute to your professional development

6. Submit two letters of recommendation from an employer or former faculty 

Program Sequence-30 Credits

Course offerings include on-ground, on-line, and hybrid delivery. Students have the option of completing either a thesis or special project to complete program requirements.

As sequencing changes, it is highly recommended that students meet with their program advisor to finalize a list of requirements for graduation.

Program Requirements (21 credits)

Students must earn a grade of "B" or better in each course.

SHE 505 – School Health Education Foundations – 3 credits
SHE 508 – Contemporary Issues in Adolescent Health – 3 credits

SHE 554 – Research Techniques – 3 credits
EXS 554 – Research Techniques – 3 credits
EDU 592 – Research in Education – 3 credits

SHE 556 – Methods of Planning and Evaluation in School Health Education – 3 credits
SHE 560 – Curriculum Development in Health Education – 3 credits
SHE 561 – Sexual Health Education – 3 credits
SHE 570 – Leadership and Advocacy of School Health Education Programs – 3 credits

Electives (6 credits)

SHE 500 – Health and Society – 3 credits
SHE 511 – School Health Nutrition Institute – 3 credits
SHE 558 – Group Process – 3 credits
SHE 547 – Drug Prevention – 3 credits
SHE 552 – Methods of Teaching School Health Education – 3 credits
SHE 579 – Holistic Health –3 credits
SHE 590 – Thesis / Special Project – 3 credits

Capstone (3 credits)

SHE 594 – Thesis/Special Project Seminar II – 3 credits

Mission Statement

The mission of the School Health Education Program at Southern Connecticut State University is to prepare leaders that are equipped with the skills and knowledge to coordinate, teach, and advocate for school health education programs.

Program Goals

1.Prepare graduates as leaders in the field of health education.

2.Prepare graduates to coordinate, teach, and advocate for health education that is evidence-and standards-based, developmentally-appropriate, and culturally-relevant.

3. Integrate best practices in health education to develop health literacy, reduce health disparities, and promote student achievement.

4. Engage in inter-professional collaboration to enhance the delivery and promotion of standards-based health education programs.

5. Implement the necessary content and skills-based pedagogy to facilitate interactive learning related to health in Pre K–12 classroom settings.

6. Integrate the latest health and educational research and technological innovations to develop, promote, implement, and evaluate policy, programs, and services in school health education.

7. Cultivate an intellectual desire for advanced study, inquiry, and research in school health education.

8. Deliver innovative programs of study that are responsive to contemporary health issues such as mental health, school climate, sexual health education, drug prevention, and other vital areas in school health education. 

9. Prepare professionals to deliver lessons in a cooperative, compassionate, and ethical manner.

10. Cultivate school, family, community, and business partnerships to support health promotion and education efforts.

Student Objectives
School Health Education students will be prepared to: