European History, Graduate Certificate

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This program is not eligible for financial aid (Title IV and/or State funds).

The program course outline and graduation requirements for this catalog year are listed below.  The department website provides an overview of the program, including admission requirements, faculty biographies, learning outcomes, and careers: 


Select 9 credits from European History courses listed below.

European History 
HIS 506 – English Nationalism 
HIS 516 – Stalinism 
HIS 517 – Russian Revolution 
HIS 521 – Mediterranean City: Salonika
HIS 523 – Religion and Soc. Byzantine Empire 
HIS 539 – German Foreign Policy: 1933-45 
HIS 541 – European Culture & Great War
HIS 564 – Seminar in Early Modern Europe
HIS 568 – Seminar in Late Modern Europe 
HIS 570 – Seminar in Modern Europe 
HIS 573 – History of the Medieval Europe Church
HIS 575 – Nazi Germany and the Holocaust 
HIS 576 – Stalin in Power 
HIS 581 – The World War I Era 
HIS 586 – Seminar in the Origins of Rome to 44 BCE 
HIS 589 – Tudor-Stuart England 
HIS 591 – Seminar in European Intellectual History 

Please note: This program is not eligible for financial aid (Title IV and/or State funds) and it is not a VA approved program. This means that veterans or other eligible persons will not be able to use VA benefits to supplement the cost of this program.