Music, B.A.

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120 Overall Credits Required


Liberal Education Program

Students must complete a comprehensive three-tiered Liberal Education Program (LEP). View all requirements of the tiers on the Liberal Education Program.  

While the choice of courses that fulfill the requirements is generally left up to students, courses in the major and/or cognate may also satisfy LEP requirements.  These shared courses are recommended below to fulfill both areas, although the course credits are only counted once towards the 120 credits required for graduation.

Tier 1 Technological Fluency
MUS 117 - Introduction to Music Technology

Tier 2 Global Awareness
MUS 115 - World Music

Tier 3 Capstone (Select one)
MUS 330 - Improvisation in Contemporary Music Culture
MUS 490 - Music Technology in the Classroom

Writing Requirements (“W-Courses”)

Three W-courses are required. These may not be taken until after a student has passed ENG 112 — Writing Arguments. W-courses may count toward LEP, major, or cognate requirements, as well as free electives. Course sections that meet this requirement are designated by section numbers ending in “W”.

Transfer students who enter with 60 to 89 credits are required to pass two W-courses, while transfer students who enter with 90 credits or more must pass one W-course.


56 Credits Required
Major GPA of 2.0 Required


MUS 115 - World Music
MUS 117 - Introduction to Music Technology
MUS 330 - Improvisation in Contemporary Music Culture
     or MUS 490 - Music Technology in the Classroom

Music History
MUS 210 - Music History I
MUS 211 - Music History II

MUS 225 - Music Theory I
MUS 226 - Music Theory II
MUS 325 - Music Theory III
MUS 326 - Music Theory IV

MUS 220 - Musicianship I
MUS 221 - Musicianship II
MUS 320 - Musicianship III
MUS 321 - Musicianship IV

MUS 420 - Improvisation I
MUS 421 - Improvisation II

Applied Lessons:
MUS 341 - Applied Music
MUS 342 - Applied Music
MUS 441 - Applied Music
MUS 442 - Applied Music

Major Ensemble:
Select 3 credits:

Select 3 credits from:


Select 9 credits from one of the following specializations:

Music Traditions
MUS 300 - Beethoven and Revolution
MUS 301 - American Music
MUS 303 - In Search of Mozart
MUS 311 - Jazz History
MUS 314 - Music of the Jewish People
MUS 315 - Jazz History since 1945

Music Technology
MUS 428 - Electronic Music
MUS 429 - Producing Music for Visual Media
MUS 430 - Advanced Audio Recording, Editing, and Sound Manipulation


No cognates are required for this program.


Remaining credits to reach total Overall Credits Required (listed above).