Minor in Theatre

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Michael Skinner

18 Credits Required

Select one from:
THR 121 — Foundations of Acting
THR 131 — Principles of Design
THR 151 — Stagecraft I

Select one from:
THR 211 — History of Theatre I
THR 212 — History of Theatre II
THR 223 - Historic Dance for Actors
THR 240 — Play Analysis and Dramaturgy

Select one of the following 1 credit courses:
THR 296 — Technical Theatre Production I
THR 396 — Technical Theatre Production II
THR 291 — Rehearsal and Performance I
THR 391 — Rehearsal and Performance II

Select an additional 11 credits of theatre electives competes the minor.  The student is encouraged to seek the advisement of a department member when planning a program.