Minor in Public Relations

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The minor in Public Relations will help prepare students for careers in media relations, publicity and promotion, public affairs and government relations, event planning, corporate communications, and crisis management. Building and maintaining positive relationships with external audiences is the core of public relations. Students will develop a combination of writing, social media, persuasive and technical skills, then apply them through tactics and media choices to create a favorable image for their clients. The minor draws from Journalism, Marketing, Professional Writing and Communication, Media & Screen Studies courses to help students learn about media relations and branding campaigns for corporate, governmental, and nonprofit clients. Course options in Art, Media Studies, Political Science, Public Health and Sport Management give students content-area context in the field.

18 Credits Required


JRN 230 - Fundamentals of Public Relations 
MKT 200 - Principles of Marketing

Digital Media Course (Select 3 Credits)

ART 215 - Principles of Graphic Design 
ART 216 - Typography 
ART 264 - Introduction to Digital Photography
JRN 270 - Introduction to Photojournalism 
JRN 306 - Digital News Design 
JRN 370 - Drone Journalism 
MDS 261 - Managing Social Media I
MDS 361 - Managing Social Media II 

Electives (Select 9 credits from any of the following categories.)

Professional Writing
ENG 240 - Professional Writing: Theory and Practice 
ENG 304 - Technical Writing and Communication 
ENG 316 - Writing for Business and Industry 
ENG 318 - Writing for the Web
JRN 200 - Basics of Reporting
JRN 305 - Precision Editing
JRN 307 - Reporting and Writing for Science
JRN 311 - Broadcast News Reporting I
JRN 330 - Advanced Integrated Public Relations 

Advertising and Promotions
COM 101 - Public Speaking 
COM 221 - Introduction to Advertising 
COM 410 - Crisis in Communication 
COM 472 - Advertising and Promotional Campaigns 

Political Science
PSC 312 - Media and American Politics 
PSC 322 - U.S. Political Parties and Elections 
PSC 329 - Political Participation 
PSC 350 - Public Leadership 
JRN 332 - Public Relations, Politics and Public Affairs

MKT 325 - Marketing Research 
MKT 332 - Marketing Communication 

Public Health
PCH 202 - Introduction to Public Health
PCH 275 - Introduction to Health Promotion
PCH 358 - Health Policy 
PCH 362 - Public Health Management 
JRN 331 - Public Relations Techniques for Health and Medicine 

Sport Management
SMT 354 - Sport Communication and Promotion Internship

JRN 497 - Journalism Internship 
PSC 497 - Political Science Internship