Minor in Psychological Science

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19 Credits Required

The specialized Minor in Psychological Sciences emphasizes statistical methods and intermediate and advanced level psychology courses. Students will gain a specialized knowledge of the field of psychology to complement their major course of study. After completing PSY 100, students must take required courses in the minor and apply for acceptance, in accordance with rules for acceptance to the major. Students interested in a broad education in different areas of psychology at the introductory and intermediate level are encouraged to choose the Minor in General Psychology.


Acceptance to the minor
PSY 100 - Introduction to Psychology
PSY 259 - Statistics in Psychology
Select one course in PSY at the 200-level (Prerequisite:PSY 100)
PSY 300 - Psychology Major: Curriculum and Careers

Select one of the following:
PSY 303 - Perception
PSY 311 - Learning
PSY 313 - Cognition
PSY 383 - Brain and Behavior
PSY 393 - Experimental Methods
Any 400-level PSY (except for: PSY 463, 467, 471, 472, or 473)

Select two additional PSY courses at the 200-level or higher (except for: PSY 463, PSY 467, 471, 472, or 473)