Minor in Music, Technology, and Media

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The minor in Music, Technology, and Media offers the student a hands-on approach to music production with an emphasis on digital technology and contemporary media such as film, advertising, television, and social media. Students will gain proficiency with using software and hardware for creating, recording, editing, mixing, and disseminating music. An important part of the minor is interdisciplinary course offerings in Music, Communications, and Media Studies, which encourage students to make connections between music and other media and to use their studio production skills to create music that can be used in a variety of contexts.  

MUS 117 - Introduction to Music Technology
MUS 428 - Electronic Music
MUS 429 - Producing Music for Visual Media
MUS 430 - Advanced Audio Recording, Editing, and Sound Manipulation

Select (2) courses from the following list:
COM 212 – Visual Communication 
COM 274 – Experimental Media Production
COM 357 – Advanced Audio Production and Sound
MDS 350 – Hip-Hop, Rap and Signifyin(g) 
MDS 370 – Music & Sound in Media 
MUS 230 – Introduction to Musical Improvisation