Minor in Environmental Studies

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Vincent T. Breslin
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18 Credits Required

Many students have expressed a desire to relate their major program of study to their concern for the environment. In response to this interest, the University offers an interdisciplinary minor in environmental studies, which students may pursue in consultation with the Environmental Studies Coordinator and their major adviser. Students also may elect a freestanding minor in environmental studies in conjunction with any major, or they may concentrate in environmental studies as part of a major in biology, chemistry, earth science, or geography.

The minor consists of 18 credits of course work including these five core courses:
ENV 100 — Environmental Studies I
ENV 200 — Environmental Studies II
ENV 350 — Environmental/Earth Systems Inquiry
ENV 400 — Social Sciences Perspectives on Environment
ENV 491 — Environmental Problem Solving

Select at least three credits from one of the following areas (A list of appropriate courses is available from the Coordinator of Environmental Studies):