Minor in Arts Administration and Cultural Advocacy

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Joel Dodson

Michael Skinner

19 Credits Required

Core Requirements (7 Credits):
 AAC 200– Topics in Arts Administration and Cultural Advocacy (3 credits)

Internship or Capstone:
Select one group:
Group I:
AAC 497 Internship in Arts Administration and Cultural Advocacy (4 credits) 

Group II:
AAC 490 Capstone Project in Arts Administration and Cultural Advocacy (3 credits)
AAC 497 Internship in Arts Administration and Cultural Advocacy (1 credit)    

Areas of Professional Focus (6 Credits):
Select 6 credits from one of the following 3 areas:
Leadership and Management; Marketing, Social Media and Development; Budget and Accounting

Note that courses may require prerequisites or corequisites.  

Leadership and Management 
COM 315–Team and Project Management 
CMS 300–Organizational Communication 
MGT 200–Managerial Communication
MGT 300–Management and Organization
MGT 301–Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development 
MGT 305–Organizational Behavior
MGT 402–Managing Diversity 
MGT 414–Creativity and Innovation
MGT 415–Developing Team Managerial Skills 
MGT 418–Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
MGT 440–Mindful Leadership
REC 363–Event Management 
REC 390–Grant Writing
THE 364–Event Management Advanced Applications 
THE 365–Event Planning and Production 
THR 460–Theater Management

Marketing, Social Media, and Development 
COM 234–Copywriting and Creative Concepts
CMS 145–Visual Communication 
CMS 221–Advertising and Public Relations Theories and Concepts
CMS 261–Managing Social Media
CMS 335–Advertising Strategy and Planning 
CMS 340–Brand Management
CMS 361–Managing Social Media II 
CMS 465–Content Development for Social Media
JRN 230–Fundamentals of Public Relations
JRN 330–Advanced Integrated Public Relations
MKT 200–Principles of Marketing
MKT 331–Principles of Advertising 
MKT 341–Digital Marketing 
MKT 342–Social Media Marketing
REC 390–Grant Writing

Budget and Accounting
ACC 200–Principles of Financial Accounting
ACC 210–Managerial Accounting 
REC 390–Grant Writing

Knowledge of Artistic Practice (6 Credits)
Select 3 credits from each of the following areas: 
Applied Skills in the Arts; Arts and Cultural Knowledge

Applied Skills in the Arts:
AAC 280– Writing for Non-Profit Organizations
ART 215–Principles of Graphic Design 
ART 216 Typography 
ART 264 Introduction to Digital Photography
CMS 285– Communication and Media Research
ENG 304 Technical Writing and Communication
ENG 316 Writing for Business and Industry
ENG 318 Writing for the Web
HIS 259 Digital New Haven
JRN 305 Precision Editing
JRN 306 Digital News Design 
MUS 329 Producing Music for Visual Media 
MUS 428 Electronic Music
THR 415 The Critical Eye
THR 460 Theater Management

Arts and Cultural Knowledge:
ART 215 Principles of Graphic Design 
ART 216 Typography 
ART 264 Introduction to Digital Photography
ART 300 History of Modern Art 
ART 301 History of Italian Renaissance Art 
ART 302 History of Art of the United States 
ART 303 History of the Art of East Asia 
ART 306 History of Medieval Art 
ART 307 History of Baroque Art 
ART 311 History of Chinese Art 
ART 315 Advanced Problems in Design 
ART 317 History of Women and Art 
ART 322 History of Northern Renaissance Art 
ART 400 History of Architecture 
ART 429 History of Dutch Art in the Age of Rembrandt 

ENG 201 Intro to Creative Writing
ENG 202 Intro to Poetry Writing
ENG 203 Intro to Fiction Writing
ENG 342 Shakespeare I 
ENG 343 Shakespeare II 
ENG 367 Modern Comedy 
ENG 371 Literature into Film 
ENG 423 Contemporary African-American Novelists 
ENG 424 The Harlem Renaissance 
ENG 447 American Drama 
ENG 462 Gay and Lesbian Film and Literature 
ENG 463 20th Century American Novel 
ENG 465 Postcolonial Literature

HIS 200 The Historian's Craft
HIS 259 Digital New Haven Project
HIS 262 Connecticut 
HIS 315 American Roots 
HIS 349 Dress in Recent U.S. History: Lives and Times of Ten Iconic Fashions 
HIS 480 Seminar in Oral History

LIT 406 Classical Drama
LIT 431 Contemporary Drama: Brecht to Present

MUS 210 Music History I
MUS 211 Music History II
MUS 300 Beethoven and Revolution 
MUS 301 American Music 
MUS 303 In Search of Mozart
MUS 311 Jazz History 
MUS 314 Music of the Jewish People
MUS 315 Jazz History since 1945 
MUS 428 Electronic Music
MUS 429 Producing Music for Visual Media 
MUS 430 Advanced Audio Recording

THR 122 Professional Voice and Diction
THR 131 Principles of Theatrical Design
THR 211 History of Theatre 1
THR 212 History of Theatre 2
THR 220 Acting 1
THR 223 Historic Dance for Actors
THR 240Play Analysis and Dramaturgy
THR 315The American Musical
THR 415The Critical Eye
THR 460 Theater Management