Business Administration, B.S. - International Business

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The program outline and graduation requirements are listed below.  In addition, free electives are selected to reach 120 credits overall required for graduation.

The department website provides an overview of the program, admission requirements (when applicable), faculty biographies, learning outcomes, and careers: 


All bachelor’s degree programs include liberal education (LEP) and writing (W) course requirements.  Detailed information on these requirements is published in this section of the catalog:  

Writing courses are not additional course requirements, course sections that meet this requirement are designated with a ‘W’ on the class schedule.  Courses in the major and/or cognate may also be used to satisfy LEP requirements where noted below (*).


Students must take a minimum of 50 percent of the Business Administration Requirements, and at least 50 percent of the Concentration Requirements at Southern Connecticut State University.

Business Administration Requirements (33 Credits)
ACC 200 – Principles of Financial Accounting ('C' or better required)
ACC 210 – Managerial Accounting ('C' or better required)
BIS 370 – Business Information Systems ('C' or better required)
ECO 100 – Principles of Macroeconomics (T2CC)*
ECO 101 – Principles of Microeconomics (T2GA)*
ECO 221 – Statistics for Economics and Business ('C' or better required)
FIN 300 – Corporate Finance ('C' or better required)
MGT 240 – Legal Environment of Business ('C' or better required)
MGT 305 – Organizational Behavior ('C' or better required)
MGT 450 – Business Policy and Strategy Seminar ('C' or better required)
MKT 200 – Principles of Marketing ('C' or better required)

International Business Concentration (21 Credits)
MGT 460 - International Business (T3)*

Select 4 courses with 4 distinct prefixes from:
ACC 424 – International Accounting (‘C+’ or better required)
BIS 400 – Global Information Systems (‘C+’ or better required)
ECO 303 – Development Economics (‘C+’ or better required)
ECO 350 – International Economics I: Trade (‘C+’ or better required)
ECO 440 - Regional Economic Integration (‘C+’ or better required)
FIN 347 – International Financial Management (‘C+’ or better required)
MGT 430 – Management of Multinational Corporations (‘C+’ or better required)
MKT 420 – Global Marketing (‘C+’ or better required)

Select 2 courses from:
ACC 370 - Accounting Information Systems (‘C+’ or better required)
MGT 400 - Business and Society (‘C+’ or better required)
MGT 425 - Managing for People, Planet, and Profit (‘C+’ or better required)
BIS 422 - Supply Chain Automation and Logistics (‘C+’ or better required)
MKT 321 - Consumer Behavior (‘C+’ or better required)
MKT 341 - Digital Marketing (‘C+’ or better required)
Special Topics Classes (when appropriate) (‘C+’ or better required)
Independent Study (‘C+’ or better required)


Business Elective (6 Credits Required)
Select 2 courses outside of concentration ('C+' or better required)


CSC 200 – Information Management and Productivity Software (T1TF)*
MAT 125 - Applied Business Mathematics OR MAT 150 - Calculus I (T1QR)*

 6 credits of cognates in cultural studies from the following list of course options, or with approval of an advisor. Students may take an additional language at the 100 or 200 level from their advisor.

ANT 100 – Interpreting Cultures
ANT 101 – Cultural Anthropology
ANT 201 – The Global Community
ANT 204 – Language and Culture
ANT 225 – Peoples and Cultures of Central and South America
ART 301 – History of Italian Renaissance Art
ART 302 – History of Art of the United States
CHI 210 or higher
FRE 210 or higher
GEO 100 – People, Places, Environments
GEO 102 – World Regional Geography
GEO 200 – Human Geography
GEO 204 – Principles of Sustainability
GEO 205 – Economic Geography
GEO 208 – Political Geography
GEO 305 – Environmental Economic Geography
GEO 330 – Europe
GEO 341 – Asia
GER 210 or higher
HIS 104 – Islamic Civilization
HIS 128 – Modern Latin America
HIS 222 – Medieval Europe
HIS 232 – England and the British Empire
HIS 239 – Spain from Columbus to Franco
ITA 210 or higher
JST – any course at the 100, 200 or 300 level
LIT 308 – Spanish National Cinema
LIT 354 – European Novel and Short Story 1945 to Present
LIT 370 – Contemporary French Novel
LIT 382 – Contemporary Latin America Literature
LIT 488 – Seminar in World Literature
MUS 110 – Music History of the Western World
MUS 115 – Music in World Culture
PHI 211 – Asian Philosophy India
PHI 212 – Asian Philosophy: China and Japan
PSC 270 – International Relations
SOC 251 – Sociology of Religion
SOC 310 – Racial and Ethnic Relations
SPA 210 or higher