Interdisciplinary Studies

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Sobeira Latorre
Associate Professor of World Languages and Literatures
Engleman EN B 116
(203) 392-8110 – Fax (203) 392-5355

The Interdisciplinary Studies Program's aim is to support students in self-designed programs of study that:
  1. Allow students to combine disciplines/areas of study in ways that help them achieve personal and professional learning goals,
  2. Improve critical reading, writing, and thinking abilities,
  3. Develop advanced knowledge and skills in two or three disciplines/areas of study,
  4. Foster life-long learning,
  5. Prepare students to navigate a rapidly changing global economy over the course of their working lives.

Students interested in determining their eligibility for the B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies , B.S. Interdisciplinary Studies, or B.A. General Studies degree can obtain further information by contacting the Interdisciplinary Studies Program at (203) 392-8113.

IDS 401 - Interdisciplinary Investigations of Globalization

Develops methodological frameworks and gains structured research experience in interdisciplinary studies. Examines the economic, sociopolitical, and cultural aspects of globalization and draws on three or more disciplines to formulate an original line of inquiry, research a complex problem related to globalization, and propose a solution. Final projects, which may take the form of a written proposal, or a product/deliverable in the public service, educational, technological, multi-media, fine arts, or enterpreneurial domains, will be publicly presented; all final projects will include an accompanying research journal and process analysis essay.

Prerequisite(s): ENG 112 and permission of the program director.

3 credit(s).

Last Term Offered: Fall 2018