NUR 431 - The Childrearing Family (Pediatrics)

Focus is on the nursing care of children and their families. The framework facilitates students' mastery of health promotion, health maintenance, and health restoration of children within their families and in their communities. Emphasis is on safety, injury prevention, healthy development, and common health problems during childhood, from infancy through adolescence. Utilizing a variety of clinical settings to enhance experiential learning, the course reflects current trends in child health and will arm students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to provide safe, quality, and evidence-based nursing care for children and their families.

Prerequisite(s): 'C+' or better in NUR 340, NUR 341, NUR 342, NUR 343, NUR 344, NUR 350, NUR 351, NUR 352, NUR 353, and NUR 354.

3 credit(s).

Last Term Offered: Spring 2019