ESC 332 - Invertebrate Paleontology and the Fossil Record

Overview of the major groups of invertebrate fossils and their depositional environments. Class discussions include important concepts in paleontology and paleobiology including the origins of life, speciation, evolutionary theory and the patterns, taphonomy, biostratigraphy, and also ethical issues in paleontology, which students examine in depth as part of a culminating project. A laboratory component includes examination of fossil invertebrates and plants using hand specimens and microscopes. Lecture, 3 hours; Laboratory, 3 hours.

Prerequisite(s): 'C-' or better in BIO 102 or ESC 201, junior or senior status, 6 of 8 Tier 2 complete (Honors 15 cr. HON or 45 cr. total), and prior or concurrent completion of all Tier 1 (Honors Coll.: T1MC and T1QR only).

4 credit(s).

Last Term Offered: Spring 2020