College of Health and Human Services

Sandra M. Bulmer, Dean
Michele L. Vancour, Interim Associate Dean
Alisa St. Georges, Administrative Assistant

Tel: (203) 392-8047
Fax: (203) 392-8067
Office: Engleman Hall B110 A

The College of Health and Human Services brings together the departments in the University which  have as their focus preparing competent and creative practitioners to meet the health and human  service needs of society. Six of the departments — communication disorders, exercise science, nursing, public  health, recreation and leisure, and social work — provide undergraduate programs which lay the  foundation for beginning professional practice in their respective disciplines. Students are also provided with  a solid background for pursuing graduate study in their particular field.

All programs require a strong liberal arts base as a prerequisite to professional course work. In addition to theory focused courses in the major, students in each program participate in community  based clinical  training, field practice, and internships. Students have meaningful opportunities  to work with clients/consumers while they simultaneously acquire the skills and values of their profession. Faculty members and students learn together and explore how practice, research, and theory building interact as they respond to such community health and human service issues as alcohol and substance abuse, AIDS, family violence, child abuse, primary health care needs, elderly recreation services, human performance, athletic training, and the relationship between poverty and nutrition.