Business Administration, M.B.A. - Accelerated (Online or On ground)

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The program course outline and graduation requirements for this catalog year are listed below.  The department website provides an overview of the program, admission requirements, faculty biographies, learning outcomes, and careers: 


Fall: First Term (12 Credits)
MBA 501 - Business Economics
MBA 502 - Statistical Decision Making 
MBA 504 - Organizational Behavior 
MBA 506 - Financial and Managerial Accounting

Spring: Second Term (12 Credits)
MBA 503 - Managerial Finance
MBA 505 - Marketing Management
MBA 507 - Legal and Ethical Issues in Business and Management                                                
MBA 591 - Integrated Knowledge 1

Summer: Third Term (6 Credits)
MBA XXX - Concentration Course
MBA XXX - Concentration Course 

Fall: Fourth Term (12 Credits)
MBA 592 - Integrated Knowledge 2
MBA XXX - Concentration Course 
MBA XXX - Concentration Course 

*Concentration Courses
Students select 12 credits from one of the following concentrations:

Accounting Concentration Courses (12 Credits)
MBA 575 – Financial Statement Analysis
MBA 576 – Principles of Business Taxation
MBA 577 – Tax Planning and Research
MBA 578 – Not-for-Profit and Governmental Accounting 
MBA 579 – Advanced Auditing
MBA 580 – International Accounting Standards: Use and Interpretations 
MBA 581 – Contemporary Accounting Issues 

Business Analytics Concentration Courses (12 Credits)
MBA 601- Visual Analytics for Business Data
MBA 602- Predictive Analytics for Business Data
MBA 603- Prescriptive Analytics for Business Data
MBA 604- Capstone: Data Hackathon for Business Data

Finance Concentration Courses (12 Credits)
MBA 528 – Real Estate Finance
MBA 550 – Public Finance 
MBA 572 – Financial Markets and Institutions
MBA 573 – Investment Analysis 
MBA 574 – Multinational Financial Management 

Healthcare Administration Concentration Courses (12 Credits)
MBA 549 – Economics of Health Care 
NUR 540 – Legal Issues in Health Care 
PCH 526 – Multicultural Issues in Health Organization 
PCH 548 – Public Health Administration 
PCH 550 – Strategic Planning for Public and Non-Profit Org. 
PCH 564 – Health Policy

Human Resource Management (12 Credits)
MBA 530 - Advanced Employment Law
MBA 532 - Human Resource Management
MBA 533 - Total Rewards Management
MBA 535 - Workforce Planning

International Business Concentration Courses (12 Credits)
MBA 509 - International Entrepreneurship 
MBA 536 – International Marketing 
MBA 574 – Multinational Financial Management 
MBA 580 – International Accounting Standards: Use and Interpretations

Management Concentration Courses (12 Credits)
MBA 510 – Project Management
MBA 512 – Strategic Factors in Marketing 
MBA 515 – International Entrepreneurship 
MBA 519 - Leadership and Organizational Learning 
MBA 521 – Business Analysis and Start-Up 
MBA 522 – Organizational Change and Development
MBA 525 - Business Ethics 
MBA 530 – Advanced Employment Law 
MBA 532 – Human Resources Management 

Marketing Concentration Courses (12 credits)
MBA 513 – Advertising and Promotional Strategy
MBA 536 – International Marketing 
MBA 537 – Product Management
MBA 538 – Marketing Data Analytics 
MBA 540 – Consumer Behavior 

General Concentration Courses (12 Credits)
Any 12 credits of MBA coursework


Any of the courses below may be waived on the basis of appropriate undergraduate or graduate courses taken within the immediately previous six years at a regionally accredited institution. If granted, a student can waive no more than four (4) courses (12 credits). Waivers will be considered at the time of admission and only courses with a “B” (3.0) grade or higher in the appropriate courses will be considered. 

Students who seek transfer credit must submit a written request (with a course syllabus or course description of the previously completed coursework) to the MBA Director during the first semester of attendance. No elective/concentration course is eligible for waivers, and a course that has been waived may not be taken or used for elective credits. No tuition refund or cancellation will be issued for courses taken and subsequently waived. Moreover, waiving of courses does not reduce the total minimum number of 30 credits required to be taken in the program at Southern.

The minimum course requirements, all taken within the last six years, for waivers are:
MBA 501: One course in macroeconomics and one course in microeconomics.
MBA 503: Two upper division courses in finance
MBA 504: Two upper division courses in organizational behavior or industrial psychology
MBA 505: Two upper division courses in marketing
MBA 506: One course in financial accounting and one course in managerial accounting
MBA 507: Two courses in business law