Environmental Studies, M.S.

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For further information: EnvironmentalEdGrad@southernct.edu

Application Deadline

Students are accepted for the fall, spring and summer semesters. Applicants may complete up two courses (with advisement) as a non-matriculated student while in the application process.

Environmental Studies

The MS in Environmental Studies is a rigorous, interdisciplinary program, that helps prepare students for professions including formal and informal education, sustainability coordination and leadership, environmental policy and planning, and to further professional development in areas including writing, research, analytic skills, sustainable design and others. The program is open to students with undergraduate preparation in the physical and life sciences, education, and social sciences. Student will be engaged in coursework that includes hands-on investigations, intensive seminar style courses, environmental teaching methods, and field experiences.

A typical program is composed of 30 credits of study including a core of five required courses. Students interested in applying should contact the program coordinator to discuss the development of a Plan of Study. The program in Environmental Studies provides students with the opportunity to focus on particular areas of interest such as sustainability, energy and climate change, environmental policy or environmental science. All students are required to complete a capstone experience of either a thesis or field study.

Program Sequence - 30 Credits

As sequencing changes, it is highly recommended that students meet with their program advisor to finalize a list of requirements for graduation.  

Core Courses
15 Credits Required

EVE532: Ecosystems and Environmental Concerns (3 Credits)
EVE537: Analytic Techniques and Instrumentation (6 Credits)
EVE559: Energy Use and Global Climate Change (3 Credits)
EVE552 Long Island Sound: Environmental Perspectives (3 Credits)*
CRM505: GIS 1 (3 Credits)*

*Students can take either EVE552 or CRM505 dependent upon choice

9-12 Credits Required

EVE531: Group Dynamics and Environmental Decision Making (3 Credits)
EVE535: Environmental Teaching Methods (3 Credits)
EVE540: Environmental Design (3 Credits)
EVE551: Environmental Action Research (3 Credits)
EVE533: Economics of Environmental Concerns (3 Credits)**
GEO570: Field Techniques (3 Credits)**

**If selected, EVE 533 and GEO 570 are taken concurrently during international study abroad trip.

3-6 Credits Required

EVE589 and EVE 590: Thesis Proposal & Thesis (6 Credits)***
EVE599: Field Study in Environmental Education (3 Credits)***

***All students are required to complete a capstone experience of either a thesis or special project.