Educational Leadership, Ed.D. - Intermediate Administrator (092) (Hybrid)

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The program course outline and graduation requirements for this catalog year are listed below.  The department website provides an overview of the program, including admission requirements, faculty biographies, learning outcomes, and careers:

This is an educator preparation program in the State of Connecticut with additional admission requirements (see Admissions>>Teacher/Educator Preparation Programs). Candidates recommended for certification must also meet any additional Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) requirements (see Degree Requirements>>Teacher/Educator Preparation Programs) in effect on the date CSDE receives the certification application.

Program Requirements - 63 Credits

Students must maintain an Overall GPA and a Program GPA of a 3.2 or higher.

Foundation Course Options (27 Credits)
EDL 801 – Leadership in Organizations 
EDL 803 – Leading Organizational Change 
EDL 808 – Leadership for Social Equity 
EDL 811 – Educational Policy: Context and Inquiry
EDL 802 – Applications of Leadership & Organizational Development
EDL 804 – Quantitative Methods in Educational Leadership
EDL 805 – Qualitative Methods in Educational Leadership
EDL 825 – Advanced Research Methods
EDL 822 – Research Design & Evaluation I 

Concentration Courses – EDLA (092) - (24 Credits)
EDL 680 – Leadership Perspectives
EDL 681 – Leadership Development 
EDL 682 – Organizational Development 
EDL 683 – Supervision and Staff Development 
EDL 684 – Learning Theory into Practice 
EDL 685 – Curriculum Development 
EDL 687 – Internship I 
EDL 688 – Internship II 
Elective – 3 credits chosen from graduate level courses 500 or above

Capstone (12 credits)

Proposal Preparation and Defense
EDL 830 – Doctoral Inquiry Seminar I 
EDL 831 – Doctoral Inquiry Seminar II 
If needed: EDL 901 (1 credit) Continuing Enrollment – not considered part of the 63 credits requirement for the degree.

Doctoral Dissertation
EDL 900 – Dissertation Advisement 
EDL 900 – Dissertation Advisement 
If needed 1 credit in EDL 901 Continuing Enrollment (this extension does not earn credit towards graduation requirements for the program).

Dissertation Proposal, Doctoral Candidacy, the Dissertation, and the Ed.D. Degree

Writing and defending a dissertation proposal is a required component of the doctoral program.  Once a student passes the comprehensive examination and defends the proposal, s/he is granted Doctoral Candidacy and may begin dissertation research.  The dissertation is the culminating component of the doctoral program. Successful defense of the dissertation before a dissertation committee advances a student to graduation eligibility and, if everything is in order, conferring of the Ed.D. Doctoral degree.