Study Abroad

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The University is proud to offer a wide range of study-abroad opportunities to undergraduate students in all majors. Short-term summer, spring recess, and winter session study abroad programs led by SCSU faculty are offered annually, as well as semester- and year-long programs. The University has a vast number of exchange partnerships in locations throughout the world including:  Liverpool, England; Baden Wuettemberg, Germany; Nice and Lille, France; Salamanca and Valencia, Spain; Yerevan, Armenia; Beijing, China; and many more.  These exchange partnerships allow students to attend foreign universities while paying SCSU tuition and other fees. Additionally, there are study abroad opportunities in over 52 additional countries at or below the cost of attending SCSU.  For further information, students should contact the Office of International Education, EN B-129, at (203) 392-6756, or visit the website at:

All study-abroad credits must be pre-approved through the Office of International Education prior to travel. Therefore, it is necessary to allow several months of preparation time prior to departure. Credits not pre-approved will not automatically be transferred to SCSU.