Pre-Medical, Pre-Dental, and Pre-Veterinary Medicine

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JiongDong Pang
Jennings 323
(203) 392-6272
Department Secretary: (203) 392-6260

The University's Pre-medical Committee advises students in preparing for admission to medical, dental, and veterinary schools, and in providing student evaluations requested by most professional schools. In addition, the committee provides information and evaluations for certain other health professions such as optometry, podiatry, chiropractic medicine, osteopathic medicine, and physicians' assistant programs. Students interested in medical careers register with this committee early in their academic studies at the University. This enables committee members to advise students of courses that enhance opportunities for admission into a professional school. The keen competition for admission to a professional school dictates that applicants achieve a high undergraduate academic average. Should pre-med students fail to achieve these standards, they are advised of other program and possible career options. Medical, dental and veterinary schools generally do not require a specific undergraduate major. However, a strong background in biology, chemistry, and physics is advisable since the course of study in the professional school is a science curriculum. Since the professional schools also are seeking students with well-rounded academic backgrounds, study in the humanities and social sciences is highly recommended.

The following courses are strongly recommended for students to finish before taking MCAT and the committee interview.


BIO 102 — Biology I
BIO 231 — Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
BIO 401 — Animal Physiology


CHE 120-121 — General Chemistry I and II
CHE 260-261 — Organic Chemistry I and II
CHE 450 — Biochemistry I


PHY 230-231 — Physics for Scientists and Engineers I and II