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Jonathan O'Hara
Engleman C 228 C
(203) 392-5618
Department Secretary: (203) 392-5666

The pre-law program offers the broad educational background, practical skills in research, analysis and writing, exposure to American law and legal systems, and the specialized advisement designed to prepare a student to enter and succeed in law school. Preparation can cross a number of academic disciplines, including, for example, political science, business, economics, and philosophy. A student interested in law school usually selects a major in one of the above disciplines, or a related field, but students who choose other majors are frequently admitted to law school. Academic preparation and performance are more important to success in law school than the particular major selected by the student. It is important that students present a transcript which demonstrates that they have been exposed to a rigorous curriculum.

Students considering law school should meet with the pre-law coordinator, Prof. Jonathan O'Hara, in the Department of Political Science as soon as possible after entering the University. It is advised that they join the Pre-law Society, where they can engage in extracurricular activities designed to prepare students for the law school admission process, and for success in law school. Pre-law students are particularly advised to take the following courses:

PHI 215 — Logic
PSC 110 — U.S. Government
PSC 321 — U.S. Legal System
PSC 417 — Constitutional Law