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Terese Gemme
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High School students with outstanding academic ability may request to apply to the Honors College. Admissions deadlines and information about the application process may be viewed on-line at the Honors College website www.SouthernCT.edu/honorscollege.

The Honors College is a small, dynamic learning community of exceptionally motivated, high-achieving students. The Honors College features small class sizes that encourage seminar-style discussions, faculty mentors that work with students inside and outside of the classroom, a cutting edge curriculum, and a transdisciplinary course of study that examines knowledge from multiple perspectives. Students in the Honors College may select a major in any department and may be enrolled in any school of the University. They must complete the same requirements set by their major as would students not in the Honors College.

The Honors College offers two levels of study: Honors Foundations, and the Honors Minor in Transdisciplinary Concepts and Perspectives.  Students who wish to graduate from the Honors College complete both levels of study. Freshmen accepted into the Honors College enroll in Level One: Honors Foundations, a 16-credit program taken during freshman and sophomore years that includes small, seminar-style classes that investigate a broad range of topics across multiple disciplines. Students continue on to Level Two: Honors Minor in Transdisciplinary Concepts and Perspectives, culminating in an Honors College Capstone experience.

Qualified students (including transfer students) who do not enter the program as first semester freshman are invited to transfer into the program. Transfers into the program who wish to graduate from the Honors College enter the Honors Foundations level, and will have some Honors Foundations courses waived, as determined by the Director.  All students who wish to graduate as an Honors College student must complete a minimum of 5 credits from Level 1, and must complete all requirements from Level 2.  Transfers who do not wish to complete the Honors College curriculum but who wish to complete the Honors Minor in Transdisciplinary Concepts and Perspectives apply to Level 2 of the program; successful completion of the “Honors Minor” will be designated on their transcripts. 

The Honors College curriculum serves as an alternative to the University’s LEP program.   Students who complete both the Honors Foundations Level and the Honors Minor Level complete the University’s LEP requirement (including the W-course requirement), with the exception of the Quantitative Reasoning requirement appropriate to their major and the Multilingual Communication requirement. It is imperative that Honors College students confer with an adviser in their major to determine if any additional Liberal Education Program requirement normally covered by the Honors College curriculum is required for their major.  Students who complete only Level 1: Honors Foundations will receive credit for 2 W-courses, as well as 16-credits towards the LEP program.  Students who complete only Level 2: Honors Minor in Transdisciplinary Concepts and Perspectives, do not receive LEP credit.

Level 1:Honors Foundations Core Courses (16 credits)

All students in Honors Foundations complete the following courses:
HON 100 - First Year Leadership Colloquium
HON 102 - First Year Research Colloquium
HON 150 - Introduction to Critical Inquiry 
HON 200 - Conceptions of Self and Community Seminar
HON 201 - Conceptions of Self and Community Plenary Session
HON 202 - Conceptions of Community and Context Seminar 
HON 203 - Conceptions of Community and Context Plenary Session 
HON 270 - Scientific Investigation and Civic Engagement 

Level 2: Honors Minor in Trandisciplinary Concepts and Perspectives (18 credits)