Engineering Concentration

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Christine Broadbridge
Jennings 108
(203) 392-6450
Department Secretary: (203) 392-6450

This program consists of a sequence of science, engineering, and mathematics courses that introduce students to the scientific demands imposed upon the engineer. Participating students enroll in the B.S. degree program in Physics: Engineering Concentration. This newly instituted program is designed for students whose primary interest is in the applications of physics in engineering and advanced technology. The engineering concentration integrates intensive study of the underlying science with training in the practice of engineering.

Upon enrolling in the program, the student is assigned an adviser who is a member of the Engineering Coordinating Committee. This adviser works closely with the student to plan an academic program. Those students who are qualified to continue their studies may either remain at Southern to complete the B.S. degree program in Physics with an Engineering Concentration or they may choose to apply for transfer to a four-year school of engineering.

If at the end of two years, a student finds an interest other than engineering, some courses already taken will help satisfy mathematics and science requirements; others may be used as free electives or to meet major or minor requirements.