NUR 443 - Nursing Capstone

The focus of this senior level capstone courses is holistic, professional nursing practice through synthesis, analysis, and application of knowledge. An increase in clinical competence is gained through integration of theoretical knowledge, clinical, and cognitive skills, and professional values and behaviors from previous liberal arts and nursing courses. During this course, the student provides comprehensive nursing care to patients, families, groups of patients, and the community. This course is designed to prepare students for the role of graduate registered nurse.

Prerequisite(s): 'C+' or better in NUR 340, NUR 341, NUR 342, NUR 343, NUR 344, NUR 350, NUR 351, NUR 352, NUR 353, NUR 354, NUR 431, NUR 432, NUR 433, and NUR 442.

4 credit(s).

Last Term Offered: Summer 2016