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The School of Arts and Sciences lies at the heart of the university and is dedicated to providing its students the highest quality liberal education while encouraging their lifelong pursuit of critical, analytical, and creative thinking. Through the study of the Literature, History, Philosophy, Languages, the Social/Natural Sciences and the Fine/Performing Arts, the School seeks to cultivate the mind and the imagination.  The study of Liberal Arts & Sciences encourages the pursuit of truth, meaning, and beauty; fosters curiosity; expands a love for learning; and encourages intellectual risk by challenging the known and exploring the unknown. The School celebrates a free exchange of ideas—those whose foundations are supported by logical evidence as well as those illuminated in moments of great inspiration and creativity. Ultimately, the goals of a liberal education are to promote free and independent thought, self-respect, tolerance, and social responsibility.

The School houses twenty-two academic departments and three interdisciplinary programs which offer a broad range of majors, minors and concentrations. Prospective secondary school teachers may receive teaching certification by enrolling as a Bachelor of Science major in one of 12 departments. All students are encouraged to explore classes across the curriculum, for a liberal education is not focused merely on the vocational, rather it provides the broadest grounding for finding a vocation by preparing students to be independent, creative, insightful and able citizens of the world.