Chemistry, B.S. - Biochemistry M.S. Accelerated Pathway

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The program outline and graduation requirements are listed below.  In addition, free electives are selected to reach 120 credits overall and a 3.0 cumulative GPA is required for graduation.

The department website provides an overview of the program, admission requirements (when applicable), faculty biographies, learning outcomes, and careers:


All bachelor’s degree programs include liberal education (LEP) and writing (W) course requirements.  Detailed information on these requirements is published in this section of the catalog: 

Writing courses are not additional course requirements, course sections that meet this requirement are designated with a ‘W’ on the class schedule.  Courses in the major and/or cognate may also be used to satisfy LEP requirements where noted below (*).


GPA of 2.0 required in the major.

Chemistry Requirements (29 Credits)
CHE 120 – General Chemistry I
CHE 121 – General Chemistry II
CHE 240 – Analytical Chemistry
CHE 260 – Organic Chemistry I
CHE 261 – Organic Chemistry II
CHE 370 - Physical Chemistry I
CHE 435 - Inorganic Chemistry I
CHE 301CHE 445 and CHE 496 - Chemistry Connection

Concentration in Bio-Chemistry (12 Credits)
CHE 450 – Biochemistry I
CHE 451 – Biochemistry II

Select one (3 credits)
CHE 456 - Medicinal Chemistry
CHE 457 - Pharmacology
CHE 458 - Drug Discovery

Select one (minimum 1 credit):
CHE 371 - Physical Chemistry II
CHE 372 - Physical Chemistry Laboratory I
CHE 373 - Physical Chemistry Laboratory II
CHE 436 - Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory
CHE 440 - Instrumental Analysis

BS to MS Biochemistry Accelerated Pathway (12 Credits)
CHE 586 - Chemistry Research I
CHE 587 - Chemistry Research II
Two additional CHE course at 500-level or above.

In order to receive a degree in chemistry from Southern Connecticut State University, along with satisfying the requirements listed above students must complete a minimum of 16 credits of advanced chemistry courses (300 level or above) at SCSU.


BIO 102 - Biology I
BIO 103 - Biology II
MAT 150 – Calculus I (T1QR)*
PHY 230 – Physics for Scientists and Engineers I (T2PR)*

Two additional BIO courses at 200-level or above.