IDS 320 - Human Flourishing in the 21st Century

This interdisciplinary capstone focuses on two interrelated questions: what does it mean to live well in American in the 21st century? and; what is an individual's role and responsibility as a member of a larger community and environment? As a capstone project, students develop a thoughtful and coherent response to these questions, which they will then present as a poster presentation. The capstone project is a synthesis of four positions developed over the course of the semester as smaller unit projects dealing with the following interrelated themes: food, clothing and shelter, transportation, and population.

Prerequisite(s): 6 of 8 Tier 2 complete (Honors Coll.: 15 cr. HON or 45 cr. total), and prior or concurrent completion of all Tier 1 (Honors Coll.: T1MC and T1QR

3 credit(s).

Last Term Offered: Spring 2022