Special Education, S.Y.C. - Assistive Technology

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For further information: SpecialEdGrad@southernct.edu

Application Deadline

Please see admissions materials available from the Department office (203-392-5925) for specific file requirements and deadlines for the initial certification program.

The major purpose of the sixth year professional program is to extend professional knowledge of practitioners in school programs for exceptional children. Corollary objectives provide for advanced professional preparation in special education, expansion of knowledge concerning other areas of exceptionality, and creating an awareness of the problems concerned with special education administration and supervision. The program is open to candidates who hold a master’s degree. Admission requirements include a departmental interview, submission of an essay, and two letters of recommendation. 

Individual programs are planned by the adviser and are based upon the applicant’s background, training, and educational experience. Up to nine graduate credits of transfer credits are allowed only if the courses transferred are commensurate with those required for the sixth year program.

Sixth Year Professional Diploma—courses will be planned with student individually. The program will include a minimum of 15 credits at the 600 level.

Inclusion and student diversity are changing the way in which educational services are delivered. Teachers and support staff increasingly collaborate in the classroom to individualize and enhance instruction for students with special needs. This course of study prepares educators in a wide range of collaborative approaches, including teamwork, co-teaching, coaching, and consultation, and includes core courses, guided application projects, and participation in a collaboration/consultation practicum. The five courses in collaboration/consultation may be taken with the courses required for certification in Educational Leadership as an Intermediate Administrator. 

Assistive Technology — 30 Credits in Specialization