Special Education, M.S. - Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

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For further information: SpecialEdGrad@southernct.edu

Application Deadline

Rolling admissions 

All Master ’s degrees in special education require a minimum 30 credits, as well as a culminating experience. Six credits at the 300–400 level may be included with adviser's approval. Those who wish to earn a Master of Science degree in this field are required to complete a planned program of study developed in consultation with an adviser. Some graduate courses may require field experiences. Courses should not be taken without an adviser’s approval.

Admission and program requirements are as follows:

An interview, essay and two letters of recommendation are required for admission. However, additional materials may be required. Please see adviser for additional information.

The program includes a culminating requirement such as a comprehensive exam or a thesis. Contact the Special Education and Reading Office for information on acceptance to the program.

Master of Science in Special Education: Emotional and Behavioral Disorders — 30 Credits

Electives may be chosen from Special Education or related courses with adviser approval.

*12 credits of graduate electives may be chosen from special education or related courses with an advisor approval, but these may not be credits that have been applied to a previous degree. These courses may be any graduate level course in the School of Arts and Sciences, School of Education, or School in Health and Human Services. If a student is also pursuing initial certification or cross endorsement in special education  on the graduate level, 6 credits from 300-400 level may be applied toward the 30 credit M.S. program. These 6 credits from the 300-400 level may only be applied if they have not already been applied to another degree.

*Comprehensive Exam in Emotional and Behavior Disorders is Required.

Special Education Comprehensive Examination Schedule

NOTE: If Easter falls on the first Sunday in April, comprehensive examinations will be held on the second Saturday.