Special Education, Certificate Program - Applied Behavior Analysis

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For further information: SpecialEdGrad@southernct.edu

The ABA programs prepare students to meet the coursework requirements to sit for the exam to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), an international certification in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Professionals with certification in ABA are highly sought after in many fields including education, special education, and school psychology, There are two ABA program options – a Sixth Year Diploma Program and a Certificate Program. Both programs prepare students to take and pass the BCBA exam and to use ABA in applied settings, such as with individuals with or without disabilities in educational or therapeutic environments. The ABA courses will be particularly relevant for special educators, school psychologists, and other educational professionals. Supervised Independent Fieldwork is available as a program option.

Applied Behavior Analysis — Certificate Program — 18 Credits in Program (minimum)


* SED 695 — Supervised Independent Fieldwork in ABA — 1-6 credits

* SED 695 may be taken up to three times and is an option for those who would like Southern to provide support for BACB required supervision. At this time, students must arrange the location of supervision, where they are employed for 30+ hours per week (e.g., at the school where they currently work).

The Graduate Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis currently runs on a cohort system (subject to change), with a new cohort beginning every 3 semesters (e.g., Fall 2016, Spring 2018, etc). Applicants are encouraged to contact the Special Education and Reading department to verify next cohort start dates and application timeline. Applicants planning to sit for the BCBA exam must have a master's degree in Psychology, Education, or ABA to be eligible for the BCBA exam. Please contact the Special Education and Reading department for more information on the application process.