School Health Education, M.S.

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Application Deadline

April 1 for the fall semester November 1 for the spring semester

School Health Education Specialization

The Master of Science in School Health Education is designed to provide students with the necessary academic background in health education in grades pre-kindergarten through twelve and to plan, implement, and assess health education programs in the schools.

Mission Statement

The mission of the School Health Education program at Southern Connecticut State University is to develop content knowledge, skills, and pedagogy in health education.

Program Goals and Objectives

The program vision is to promote health in the State of Connecticut through the preparation of skills for leaders in the field of School Health Education.

The program goals are:

Admission Requirements

The requirements for matriculation and admission to the School Health Education Program for the Master of Science degree only are:

School Health Education Specialization

A master of science degree with a specialization in School Health Education is offered through the Exercise Science Department in the School of Education. The program is designed to impart graduate level competencies as developed by American Association for Health Education and the National Council on Health Education Credentialing. The program is based on research-based state of the art concepts and strategies in health education. It is designed to prepare students to teach, establish, implement, plan and evaluate programs of school health education. Students may choose one of the following types of programs:

Master's Thesis

Special Project
36 credits of approved course work including a thesis or special project. 

Program Sequence-36 Credits

As sequencing changes, it is highly recommended that students meet with their program advisor to finalize a list of requirements for graduation.  

Students must earn a grade of "B" or higher in each course.

Prerequisites for MS Program

SHE 203 – School Health – 3 credits
SHE 302 – Mental Health Education – 3 credits

PCH 365 – Illness and Disease – 3 credits
EXS 410 – Pathophysiology – 3 credits

EXS 301 – Exercise and Nutrition – 3 credits
PCH 200 – Introduction to Nutrition – 3 credits

SHE 411 – Health Teaching in Secondary Schools – 3 credits

Program Requirements
Students must earn a grade of "B" or better in each course.

SHE 500 – Health and Society – 3 credits 
SHE 505 – School Health Education Foundations – 3 credits
SHE 511 – School Health Nutrition Institute – 3 credits
SHE 552 – School Health Intervention – 3 credits

SHE 554 – Research Techniques – 3 credits
EXS 554 – Research Techniques – 3 credits
EDU 592 – Research in Education – 3 credits

SHE 556 – Methods of Planning and Evaluation in School Health Education – 3 credits
SHE 560 – Curriculum Development in Health Education – 3 credits
SHE 561 – Sex Education – 3 credits
SHE 570 – Organization and Administration of School Health Education – 3 credits
SHE 599 – Adolescent Health – 3 credits
SHE 590 – Thesis/Special Project Seminar I – 3 credits
SHE 594 – Thesis/Special Project Seminar II – 3 credits