Reading, M.S. with Educator Preparation Program - Remedial Reading and Remedial Language Arts

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Application Deadline

Spring — December 1
Fall — August 1
Summer — May 1

The Graduate Reading Program provides programs of study for certified teachers at the elementary and secondary levels.

Graduate students may fulfill requirements for the Master of Science Degree/Remedial Reading and Remedial Language Arts Teacher Certification, the Sixth Year Professional Diploma, Reading and Language Arts Consultant Certification. Certification only options are also available.

Application Requirements

Master of Science Degree 30 Credits

With the help of an adviser, students plan a 30 credit program to fulfill the Master of Science degree. Students are eligible to apply for the Connecticut Remedial Reading and Remedial Language Arts Teacher/Specialist 102 certification after completing RDG 659 and all prerequisite courses if they have also completed thirty months of full-time teaching. State requirements for the 102 include a passing score on the Reading Specialist Test that is taken prior to applying for certification.


RDG 520 — Fundamentals of Language and Literacy — 3 credits
RDG 565 — Content Area Literacy and Secondary Reading Instruction in Middle and High Schools — 3 credits
RDG 566 — Developmental Reading and Language Arts in the Elementary School — 3 credits
RDG 567 — Tests, Measurements, and Evaluation in the Reading and Language Arts Program — 3 credits
RDG 568 — Practicum in Diagnosis of Reading and Language Arts Difficulties — 3 credits
RDG 570 — Literacy Interventions for Struggling Readers and Writers — 3 credits
RDG 585 — Writing Instruction in the Reading and Language Arts Program — 3 credits
RDG 649 — Diversity in Literacy — 3 credits
RDG 659 — Practicum in Remedial Reading and Language Arts — 3 credits
RDG 662 — Developing and Leading the School Literacy Program — 3 credits

Comprehensive Examination

Students are required to complete 30 to 33 graduate credits in a planned program and pass the comprehensive examination.

Comprehensive Examination Schedule

Note: If Easter falls on the first Sunday in April, comprehensive examinations will be held on the second Saturday.