Political Science, M.S. - International Politics

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Application Deadline

Rolling Admissions

Master of Science Degree

The Department of Political Science offers a variety of courses and options leading to a master of science degree. Current options include a master of science in political science, a concentration in urban affairs and public policy, or a concentration in international politics. You may choose to take courses in international politics, American politics or comparative politics.

Admission Requirements

The following forms and letters must be submitted to the Graduate Studies office: a completed application, official transcripts from all colleges and universities, two letters of recommendation, and a one page statement explaining the student's interest in political science. Admission decisions are made shortly after all the required materials have been submitted to the Graduate Studies office.
Required Course for All Students

Program Sequence -  30 Credits

As sequencing changes, it is highly recommended that students meet with their program advisor to finalize a list of requirements for graduation. 

All students are required to take:
PSC 501 – Research Methods in Political Science – 3 credits

International Politics (12-credits)
PSC 504 – Japan and the Western Pacific Rimlands – 3 credits
PSC 505 – Seminar in International Politics – 3 credits
PSC 506 – Asian Communist and Post-Communist States – 3 credits
PSC 508 – Seminar in Comparative Politics – 3 credits
PSC 509 – International Relations and Diplomacy – 3 credits
PSC 515 – Contemporary American Foreign Policy – 3 credits
PSC 520 – Nationalism and International Security – 3 credits
PSC 522 – Foreign Policy Analysis – 3 credits
PSC 535 – Contemporary Warfare – 3 credits
PSC 545 – Russia and Post-Soviet Space – 3 credits
PSC 547 – Governments and Politics in Southeast Europe – 3 credits
PSC 570 – Problems in Contemporary International Relations – 3 credits
PSC 573 – The U.S. World in Politics – 3 credits
PSC 580 – Global Politics and Policy – 3 credits
PSC 598 – Field Study in Comparative and International Politics – 3 credits

Cognate/Elective Credits (12-18 credits)
Any Political Science graduate course may count as an elective. Students are also encouraged to consider taking IDS 553 Grant Writing and Funding Sources (3-credits) and SWK 584 Non Profit Fiscal Management (3-credits). Up to 6 credits in other graduate programs including History, Public Health, Business, and others are possible with the approval of the graduate coordinator. Students may also take up to two undergraduate political science courses (100-499 level) with department approval.

Capstone (Choose One)
Thesis (minimum 24 graduate credits and PSC 585 and PSC 591)
Comprehensive Examination (minimum 30 graduate credits)
Special Project (minimum 30 graduate credits including PSC 600)