Mathematical Education, M.S.

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Application Deadline

Students seeking matriculation for the fall semester must submit a completed application by July 1 and for spring semester must complete the application by November 1.

Master of Science Degree in Mathematical Education

The Master of Science degree in mathematical education is designed primarily for certified mathematics teachers, allowing for the scholarly study of mathematics as well as the development of skills that aid in teaching. Each applicant must complete core requirements of 24 credit hours.

Candidates must hold a bachelor 's degree from an accredited college or university and have had a minimum of 18 semester hours of undergraduate mathematics including calculus, geometry, linear and abstract algebra, probability and statistics with an overall 3.0 undergraduate grade point average. Deficiencies may be overcome by taking appropriate courses under advisement. A personal interview with faculty from the Graduate Mathematics Program is required. In addition, students must submit two letters of recommendation and an application essay. 

Program Sequence - 33 Credits

As sequencing changes, it is highly recommended that students meet with their program advisor to finalize a list of requirements for graduation.  

Required Courses
MAT 508 – Technology Enriched Mathematics Instruction I – 3 credits
MAT 514 – Teaching Mathematics to Accelerated Students and Low Achievers – 3 credits
MAT 526 – Probability and Applied Statistics II – 3 credits
MAT 530 – Advanced Euclidean Geometry – 3 credits
MAT 541 – Topics in Real Analysis – 3 credits
MAT 574 – Algebraic Structures II – 3 credits
MAT 580 – Introduction to Research in Mathematics Education – 3 credits
MAT 595 – Seminar in Mathematics Education – 3 credits 

*Upon completing the 24 credit-hours of core requirements, students choose one of the following plans:

Master's Thesis

MAT 590 – Thesis Seminar – 3 credits

* An additional 6 credits in electives at the graduate level (500-999). These courses can be in any subject and must be approved by the program coordinator.

Comprehensive Examination

The student completes the 33 credit-hour degree program by selecting 9 credits (500-999) under advisement and must pass an examination which has a written and oral component. These courses can be in any subject.