Special Education, Educator Preparation Program

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Initial Certification in Special Education: Graduate Program - 42.5 Credits

For further information: SpecialEdGrad@southernct.edu

Students may follow state prescribed course requirements to gain a second endorsement that will be added to the one currently held. Cross endorsement students must apply to the Office of Graduate Admissions and matriculate if they plan to take more than six credits.

The following are suggested courses for cross endorsement (other course combinations may also satisfy state requirements—students should have their transcripts audited by the Connecticut State Department of Education):

Program Requirements — 42.5 Credits

SED 225 — Introduction to Exceptional Individuals — 3 credits
SED 481 — Teaching Exceptional Students: Elementary 3 credits

SED 482 — Teaching Exceptional Students: Secondary 3 credits

SED 235 — Intro to Early Childhood Special Education 3 credits
SED 550 — Early Childhood and Developmental Differences 3 credits

SED 325 — Curriculum and Methods for Exceptional Individuals 3 credits
SED 335 — Teaching Individuals with Physical Disabilities 3 credits
SED 365 — Basic Principles of Academic Assessment & Remediation 3 credits
SED 375 — Classroom Management Techniques in Educational Settings 3 credits
SED 435 — Language Arts for Exceptional Individuals: Assessment & Instruction 3 credits

SED 445 — Regular Education Initiative/Collaboration/Consultation 3 credits
SED 621 — Interpersonal and Collaborative Skills 3 credits

SED 449 — School Based Experience in Special Education 3 credits
SED 519 — Clinical Practices in Learning Disabilities 3 credits
SED 529 — Clinical Practice with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders 3 credits
SED 539 — Clinical Practice in Learning Disabilities 3 credits

EDU 300/400 — Student Teaching 12 credits
SED 452 — Seminar in Reflective Practice 2 credits
IDS 471 — English Language Learners in The Classroom 1.5 credits

*Most courses require advisor permission, many courses have pre-requisites.

Students will be required to pass all state required examinations for initial certification in special education in order to be eligible for state certification in special education.