Foreign Languages 7-12, Educator Preparation Program

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Application Deadlines

Rolling Admissions

Candidates must present an undergraduate major, or a substantial minor, in a foreign language from an accredited institution. The department may require additional courses of students whose background indicates deficiencies. Students are selected on the basis of the quality of their undergraduate work; those applying for certification must have an undergraduate quality point average of 3.0 or higher. A personal interview is required. In order to be admitted to student teaching, teacher candidates must pass ACTFL OPI or OPIc and WPT at advanced low level. (Refer to the section entitled "Admission to Teacher Certification Programs" in the beginning of this catalog under "Application and Admission" for additional information regarding acceptance to a certification program, Praxis® examinations, and student teaching.) Candidates may choose to pursue teacher certification in Foreign Languages as a separate program in conjunction with the MA in Romance Languages.

Admissions Requirements

Candidates must submit to the Office of Graduate Admissions Application Processing Center the following items:

Teacher certification may be pursued alone or in conjunction with the M.A. in Romance Languages. Note: Each program requires its own application materials. 

Program Sequence - 38

As sequencing changes, it is highly recommended that students meet with their program advisor to finalize a list of requirements for graduation.  

For certification, students must take one course in Educational Foundations (any one from the series EDF 520—526 (3-Credits)) and all the following courses if not taken as part of their from the series EDF 520 undergraduate study:

Choose One

EDF 520-526 Educational Foundations — 3 credits

Choose One

HIS 110 — United States History I — 3 credits
HIS 111 — United States History II — 3 credits
HIS 112 — U.S. History — 3 credits — 3 credits

Complete the Following

IDS 470 — Literacy Skills in the Classroom — 1.5 credits
IDS 471 — English Language Learners in the Classroom — 1.5 credits

Choose One

PSY 215 —Adolescent Development — 3 credits
PSY 210 — Infant and Child Development — 3 credits
EDU 414 — Applications of Child Development — 3 credits
EDU 539 — Child Development for Elementary Grade Teachers — 3 credits

Complete the Following

SED 482 — Teaching Exceptional Students in the Secondary Education Classroom — 3 credits
SHE 203 — School Health — 3 credits
WLL 403* — Introduction to Second Language Acquisition (prerequisite: WLL 211) — 3 credits
WLL 452* — Secondary School Student Teaching — 12 credits
WLL 453 — Student Teaching Seminar — 1 credit
WLL 491* — Foreign Language in the Secondary School — 4 credits

*Students must choose one (1) world language subject area: French, German Italian, or Spanish

*Students need an additional 30 credits in subject area or equivalent. These must be graduate level courses

*EDU 999 replaces WLL 452 if student is already teaching under DSAP; EDU 999 is (6) credits (changes overall credits to 32)

*Ed. technology requirement will be met by WLL 491

*WLL 403 has a required prerequisite of WLL 211 (3-Credit) Intro to Linguistics or equivalent

These courses do not count towards the master of arts degree