English, M.S., Educator Preparation Program

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For further information: EnglishGrad@southernct.edu

Application Deadline

For Fall semester, applications are due the LAST FRIDAY in June. If you wish to be eligible to apply for an English Department GTA award or a Graduate School GSGA or GRF award, applications are due the FIRST FRIDAY in February. For Spring semester, applications are due the LAST FRIDAY in November. You are always welcome to submit materials earlier than the deadline.

Admissions Procedures

Candidates for any graduate degree or certification program in English should make certain that they have all materials on file with the Office of Graduate Admissions. They should also contact the English Department graduate coordinator (Email: fluhrn1@ SouthernCT.edu or Telephone: (203) 392-6739) to set up an appointment to discuss the application.

Prospective degree candidates may register as part-time non-matriculated students in graduate courses. Up to nine credits of non-matriculated course work may be applied toward the degree if the student is admitted to a program.

Graduate Teaching Assistantships in Composition

The graduate teaching assistantship in English Composition offers graduate students the opportunity to observe and teach in the college classroom. Applicants must either be matriculated graduate students in English who have completed 6 credits or more in graduate English courses with at least a 3.5 average in those classes or newly admitted students whose GPA in undergraduate English courses is strong enough to warrant consideration. Those who receive the award, a stipend of approximately $4,800, intern in English composition during the fall semester and are mentored by the Director of Composition or a departmental designee. They may also be given the opportunity to teach one composition course the following spring, depending on course availability. Past teaching assistants have found the assistantship valuable in discovering a call to teach, securing part-time work, preparing for doctoral or additional graduate-level study, and attaining positions in secondary schools. Two to three awards are given each year. Applications are due in March and selection occurs in April for the following fall. Application materials are available in the English Department office and at the English Department website:

Master of Science and Certification in Secondary English — 59.5 Credits

The program leading to the Master of Science degree and Certification in Secondary English is designed for students who wish to earn both a master 's degree and certification to teach English in Grades 7-12. To be accepted into the Master of Science with
certification program, candidates must:

The submission of GRE or Miller's Analogy Test results is optional.

Applicants must have a wide range of literature courses. No more than six of the twenty four credits may be in writing courses, including freshman composition. Applicants' transcripts will be reviewed, and a planned program will be established, based on NCTE standards for content knowledge. Refer to the section entitled "Admission to Teacher Certification Programs" in the beginning of this catalog under "Application and Admission" for additional information regarding acceptance to a certification program, Praxis® examinations, and student teaching.

All candidates must complete a Special Project for their capstone experience.

Program Sequence - 62.5 Credit Minimum

As sequencing changes, it is highly recommended that students meet with their program advisor to finalize a list of requirements for graduation.  

Professional Courses
ENG 494 - Secondary School Student Teaching - 12 credits
ENG 496 - Student Teaching Seminar - 1 credit
ENG 493 - English in Secondary School - 3 credits
ENG 492 - Teaching Literature to Adolescents - 3 credits
PSY 370 - Educational Psychology - 3 credits
RDG 517 - Content Area Literacy in Middle and Elementary Schools - 3 credits
SED 482 - Teaching Exceptional Students in Secondary Schools - 3 credits
SHE 203 - School Health - 3 credits
A course in American History (graduate level) is required for certification - 3 credits
EDF 520-523 (choose one) Educational Foundations – 3 credits
IDS 471 – English Language Learners in the Classroom – 1.5 credits

English Courses
ENG 505 - Applied English Linguistics – 3 credits
ENG 510 - History of the English Language – 3 credits

18 Credits Required from Below Sections

Requirement in English Studies
ENG 517 – Research Methods and Critical Theory – 3 credits
ENG 601 - Special Project (Capstone) - 3 credits

One Elective in British Literature
ENG 512 -Literature of the Anglo Saxons - 3 credits
ENG 514 - English Medieval Literature - 3 credits
ENG 525 - 17th Century Poetry - 3 credits
ENG 535 - Victorian Poetry - 3 credits
ENG 536 - Early Victorians - 3 credits
ENG 537 - Later Victorians - 3 credits
ENG 538 - Victorian Novel - 3 credits
ENG 542 - Shakespeare - 3 credits 
ENG 552 - English Renaissance - 3 credits
ENG 555 - The 18th Century: Age of Satire - 3 credits
ENG 557 - Romantic Period - 3 credits
ENG 559 - 20th Century English Literature - 3 credits
ENG 580 - Chaucer - 3 credits
ENG 581 - Medieval Women in Literature - 3 credits
ENG 583 - Arthurian Legend - 3 credits
ENG 584 - Milton - 3 credits
ENG 587 - Seminar (when topic is pre-1500 English Literature not in translation) - 3 credits

One Elective in American Literature
ENG 522 - Wright, Ellison, and Baldwin - 3 credits
ENG 523 - Contemporary African American Literature - 3 credits
ENG 524 - The Harlem Renaissance - 3 credits
ENG 560 - 20th  Century American Poets - 3 credits
ENG 564 - Poe, Hawthorne, and Melville - 3 credits
ENG 565 - Emerson, Thoreau, and Whitman - 3 credits
ENG 566 - 20th Century American Poets - 3 credits
ENG 567 - Mark Twain, Howells, and James - 3 credits
ENG 568 - American Novel: 1900-1945 - 3 credits
ENG 569 - American Novel Since 1945 - 3 credits
ENG 586 - Seminar in American Literature - 3 credits

One elective in literature of non-dominant traditions
ENG 522* - Wright, Ellison, and Baldwin - 3 credits
ENG 523* - Contemporary African American Literature - 3 credits
ENG 524* - The Harlem Renaissance - 3 credits
ENG 586 - Seminar in British Literature (if subject is that of non-dominant tradition) - 3 credits
ENG 587 - Seminar in American Literature (if subject is that of a non-dominant tradition) - 3 credits
ENG 588 - Seminar in Comparative Literature (if subject is that of a non-dominant tradition) - 3 credits
*Does not apply if course was used to satisfy American Literature Requirement

One elective in English Studies (choose any graduate English course)

Special Project required