Administrative PK-12 - Superintendent of Schools, Educator Preparation Program

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The Superintendent Of Schools Certification Program
Superintendent Program Requirements

Application Deadline

Rolling admissions

The Superintendent Of Schools Certification Program

This certification program is designed to produce highly competent superintendents who are able to provide vision and leadership, to exercise skill in managing people and resources, to plan for the future, to personify the ideals of education in the community, and to resolve conflicting demands of many constituencies.

Application Requirements

Admission to this certification program is selective and limited. Each candidate will be interviewed. 

Program Sequence

21 Credits

Coursework consists of 21 credits in a prescribed program of study leading to certification eligibility, including a district-based internship. Interns work, with faculty advisement, in a school district under the guidance and direction of a mentor superintendent. Transfer credits from other colleges are not accepted for the superintendent's program. The program requirements can be met by enrolling in the following SCSU Educational Leadership courses only: 

As sequencing changes, it is highly recommended that students meet with their program advisor to finalize a list of requirements for graduation.  

Students must maintain an Overall GPA and a Program GPA of a 3.2 or higher.

Program Requirements

EDL 692 – Educational Policy & Law – 3 credits
EDL 687S – Internship I – 1.5 credits
EDL 688S – Internship II – 1.5 credits
EDL 686 – District Level Instruct. Leadership – 3 credits
RSM 598 – Evaluation of Programs and Personnel – 3 credits
EDL 661 – The Politics of School Administration – 3 credits
EDL 663 – Educational Planning – 3 credits
EDL 689S – Seminar in Leadership and Supervision – 3 credits



To obtain SCSU's recommendation for Initial Educator certification as Superintendent of Schools, the student must have three years experience working under the Intermediate Administrator certificate and a total of eight years experience as teacher/specialist/ intermediate administrator. The program on which the institutional recommendation is based shall aggregate not fewer than 30 semester hours of graduate study in addition to the master 's degree and shall include not fewer than 21 semester hours in SCSU's preparation program for the superintendency. Successful completion of one year of service as Superintendent of Schools under the Initial Educator certificate leads to Provisional Educator certification, and an additional three years experience as Superintendent under the Provisional Educator certificate leads to Professional Educator certification as Superintendent of Schools.

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