Education, Classroom Teacher Specialist, S.Y.C.

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Classroom Teacher Specialist 

The Classroom Teacher Specialist program is designed to enrich and expand the role of the career teacher. By emphasizing professional growth and self-improvement, this program gives each individual ample opportunity to investigate current learning theories, and to apply theory to practice. It allows students to explore the development of curriculum and to pursue advanced professional interests. The program allows for students to pursue a general interest area or a specific interest area of study. For example a specialization in digital teaching and learning is available. The program may also be designed for students who are seeking cross endorsement.

The Sixth Year Professional Program for Classroom Teacher Specialists enriches and expands the role of the career teacher. Students in this program will be able to investigate current learning theories, explore the development of curriculum, and implement theory as practice, as well as pursue personal and professional interests. The program emphasizes professional growth and self-improvement through guided instruction and self-directed analysis.

Students successfully completing the program are awarded the Sixth Year Professional Diploma of Advanced Study.

To be admitted to the program, students must have a master’s degree and must satisfy admissions requirements for a sixth year program. Student should contact the Graduate Coordinator for an appointment as soon as they apply to discuss the program .All students are required to enroll in the following courses, each of which carries three semester hours of credit. 

Program Sequence - 30 Credits

As sequencing changes, it is highly recommended that students meet with their program advisor to finalize a list of requirements for graduation.  

One year of full-time continuous study is required followed by a year-long internship (a minimum of 1200 hours in a school-based site and a concurrent seminar). The sixth year program consists of:

Area of Specialization

EDU 611 – Curriculum: Development and Implementation of Theories in the Classroom - 3 credits
EDU 612 – The Teaching-Learning Process: A Teacher’s Perspective - 3 credits
EDU 613 – Diverse Classroom Models: Principles and Practices Research Component - 3 credits


EDU 618 – Field Study – Applied Research - 3 credits
EDU 619 – Seminar – Current Issues Affecting Classroom Teachers - 3 credits

Electives Cognate and related Fields

In consultation with Advisor, select 15 credits in area of specialization and background. These courses may be any graduate level course in any subject.