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Application Deadline

Rolling admissions

The department offers certification programs in elementary education, graduate degrees in elementary education, and cross endorsement. A sixth-year program for classroom teacher specialists is also offered.  The department adheres to the application deadlines of the Graduate Office

All applicants to certification programs must meet the certification requirements of the State of Connecticut. Refer to the section entitled “Admission to Teacher Certification Programs” in the beginning of this catalog under “Application and Admission” for additional information regarding acceptance to a certification program, Praxis® examinations, field experience requirements, and student teaching.

Programs are offered leading to certification in elementary education for those holding a bachelor’s degree and who wish to become certified teachers in the State of Connecticut. Student teaching is required for certification.

The Departments of Education and Special Education jointly offer the Collaborative Early Childhood teacher certification program at the graduate level. Students seeking teaching certification or cross endorsement in collaborative early childhood may specialize in either Birth to Kindergarten or Nursery to Grade 3. The graduate early childhood collaborative certification program may be pursued on a full-time or part-time basis. A master’s degree in either Education or Special Education can be planned concurrently. The Collaborative program is run by the Department of Special Education and students must contact that department.

A Master of Science degree is offered to those who hold a bachelor’s degree. Masters of Science degree is applicable for all educators.

Students may pursue certification and the master’s degree concurrently. Completion of a master’s degree program is contingent upon first completing the requirements for certification.

Additional undergraduate courses may be required of students whose preparation indicates deficiencies in areas mandated by the State or the department for certification.

Admission Requirements for M.S. with Certification

Applicants must submit the following materials:

Applicants are encouraged to contact the graduate coordinator at the same time they apply. At the meeting, applicant will receive information on the following:

Interviews with the Admissions Committee will be scheduled through the department. Incomplete applications will be withdrawn six months after the initial application is received. Prospective students are strongly encouraged to submit all materials at the same time. 

Program Sequence - 58.5 Minimum

 As sequencing changes, it is highly recommended that students meet with their program advisor to finalize a list of requirements for graduation.  

Certification Courses

SHE 203 – School Health – 3 credits
SED 481 – Teaching Exceptional Children in the Elem. Classroom – 3 credits
EDF 520 – Child in the Amer. Culture or EDF 523 Social Found. of Edu. – 3 credits
EDU 544 – Classroom Management – 3 credit
EDU 534 – Curriculum Design and Methods for the Elementary Classroom – 3 credits
EDU 539 – Child dev. for Elem Grade Teachers - 3 Credits
EDU 301 – Reading – 3 credits
EDU 503 – Science in the Elementary School – 3 credits
EDU 504 – Mathematics in Elementary School – 3 credits
EDU 505 – Social Studies in Elementary School – 3 credits
EDU 506 – Language Arts and Children’s Literature – 3 credits
EDU 525 – Fieldwork – 1 credit
IDS 471 – English Language Learners in the Classroom – 1.5 credits
EDU 450 – Student Teaching I – 5 credits
EDU 451 – Student Teaching II – 5 credits
EDU 509 – Student Teaching Seminar – 1 credits
EDU 591 – Filed Project in Education – 3 credits
EDU 592 – Res. in Edu. – 3 credits

Electives – 2 graduate courses from any subject (To be selected by advisement) – 6 credits

*Note, there are many special circumstances when courses are waived, as they may have been waived as an undergraduate or somewhere else.