Art K-12, Educator Preparation Program

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The department offers a non-degree program of study for K-12 certification. 

Applicants must meet the Office of Graduate Admissions application requirements, and provide proof of taking the state mandated Praxis® Core examination or obtain a Praxis® Core waiver. In addition, applicants must submit two letters of recommendation that attest to their professional promise and academic ability, and a 500 word statement of purpose to the Art Department's Graduate Coordinator.

Application Deadline

All application requirements must be met by May 1 for consideration of admittance for the fall semester and by November 1 for the spring semester. Prospective students may, however register as part-time non-matriculated students. Non-matriculated students may complete no more than two professional education courses towards the completion of the program.


This program is for the graduate of a visual fine arts program who seeks certification to teach art in the public schools. Refer to the section entitled "Admission to Teacher Certification Programs" in the beginning of this catalog under "Application and Admission" for additional information regarding acceptance to a certification program, Praxis® examinations, and student teaching. Applicants to this program must meet all admission requirements for the School of Education. 

Program Sequence - 36 Credit Minimum

As sequencing changes, it is highly recommended that students meet with their program advisor to finalize a list of requirements for graduation.  

Professional Courses

ART 270 – Introduction to Art Education – 3 credits
ART 370 – Art Education – 3 credits
HIS 110 or 112 – United States History – 3 credits
SHE 203 – School Health – 3 credits
PSY 215 or EDU 316 – Psychology Course – 3 credits
SED 481 or 482 – Teaching Exceptional Students – 3 credits
EDF 520, 521, 522, 523 or 524 (one course) – Educational Foundations – 3 credits
IDS 470 – Literacy in Content Areas – 1.5 credits
IDS 471 – English Language Learners – 1.5 credits
EDU 300 – Student Teaching 1 (Elementary School) – 6 credits
EDU 400 – Student Teaching 2 (Secondary School) – 6 credits

Other Requirements (waived partially or entirely for students who have completed coursework in ART at the undergraduate level or above at an institution of higher learning accredited by an appropriate regional regional body or the State of Connecticut)

STUDIO ART - a minimum of 35 credits, selected under advisement.
ART HISTORY - minimum of 6 credits, selected under advisement.